During the initial scan of a patentable idea, an evaluation is already made of potential partners which can help in advanced development. Once the application has been submitted, those partners will be approached, always in close harmony with the inventors, and will be offered a license on the generated IP. That enables advanced development and might also provide funding for additional research and patent costs. RUG and UMCG have arrangements that inventors can also benefit in person or via their research group of commercial success.

The transfer of technology is a source of satisfaction for inventors – the impact of their research extend beyond the academic environment in the industrial world.

Anybody working in healthcare should verify whether their developments could be valorized.

Prof. Dr. Ido Kema, UMCG

Added value

Patents and license agreements help in demonstrating the added value of research. The tendency is that added value becomes increasingly important for the evaluation of research proposals, grant applications and also for the researchers themselves. Patent application data (18 months after the priority date) can be included in the researcher/inventor’s publication record.