Starting a company requires many different skills and activities. Next to a good idea are intrinsic motivation and dedication essential ingredients for success. With nearly all other aspects Business Generator can help in transforming the idea into a successful company.

Business Generator supports starting entrepreneurs and companies with, for example, strategy development, business planning, organizational structuring and financial evaluations.

Knowledge of RUG and UMCG has been translated into business. That is what you want to achieve and we managed to do so by collaborating with Business Generator.

Dr. Ton Vries, Director Syncom

Business plan

A good business plan provides a blue print of the development, including assumptions, opportunities, threats, strategy, finances, people, technology development plan, timing and of course the added value of the envisaged solution. Such plan requires thorough evaluation and is always custom made. The plan helps in getting the ideas, options and requirements organized and is an important tool to attract interest of other stakeholders, including financers.


A good scientist may not always be a good entrepreneur. Many qualities are similar, but there are also distinctive talents, which either need to be acquired or hired. Business Generator can assist in the assembly of an efficacious team or the appropriate training. Its network provides in experienced entrepreneurs and dedicated experts who can take either an active or advising role.

Together with partners, Business Generator has been involved in starting more than 40 new companies since 2007.
Together with partners, Business Generator has been involved in starting more than 40 new companies since 2007.


Protection of intellectual property and knowledge should be pursued when possible, and also the legal structure of the company is important. Business Generator can accommodate legal support through lawyers, notaries and legal departments in its network. Arrangements and agreements with RUG and UMCG can be facilitated.


Determining a solid strategy requires scrutiny from different angles and an integral analysis of the market opportunity, competition, partnering opportunities, possible business models, available competences and the added value of the envisaged solution. Getting useful information and discussing various assumptions with potential customers and other experts helps building a more robust strategy. Business Generator and its closely associated partners can guide this process and provide constructive feedback and advice.


Business Generator offers support in helping start-ups to raise capital, necessary for cost-intensive developments. Through its experience, funding tools and network of business angels and venture capital firms, Business Generator enables entrepreneurs to build their company and products or services.