Business Generator


Every project starts with an idea, such ideas are generated on a daily basis by the thousands of researchers at UMCG and RUG. When these ideas are shared with Business Generator, a scan will be made on the applicability of the invention. Potential patent applications which support advanced development are evaluated and managed together with Research & Valorisation (R&V).

Finding partners and licensees will be done together with the experts in the field, the inventors and advisors. The process of approaching, discussing, negotiating and contracting can be managed by Business Generator.

Business Generator has accumulated substantive experience in supporting scientists and entrepreneurs, and make its experience available to support and optimize each new project always in close collaboration with the researcher, inventor or entrepreneur.

The opportunity

Adding value is important and will become even more important in the near future. Both SMEs and academia will increasingly depend on value creation and there are great opportunities for synergetic collaborations. Business Generator can assist in this process. Feel free to contact Business Generator with any idea, question or suggestion.


Business Generator can provide support in the whole process, from idea to market. There are 6 major activities, each supporting and reinforcing each other:

·  Screening & Scouting – identifying ideas with potential
·  Idea protection – evaluating and managing patent protection, together with R&V
·  Licensing – identification of licensees, discussing and negotiation of terms
·  Coaching – assisting starting companies and entrepreneurs
·  Financing – helping to obtain funding to accelerate development
·  Networking – matching generated ideas with questions from the market


If in the future I will start a larger cooperation with an industrial partner I will ask someone from Business Generator to help me with the negotiations.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Herrmann